Which impact windows fit your south florida home best?

Are you ready to make the switch to impact windows, but don’t know where to start? SGI Windows can help you find the right impact windows, glass types, and tints to fit your home’s style. We offer American-made products that can resist up to category 5 hurricane winds.

We have different impact window types available for you to choose from. Whether it be casement, single-hung, horizontal, awning, or picture/designer windows, we have it all!

SGI Windows has been protecting Florida homes and commercial spaces with hurricane impact windows and doors for over 15 years.

South Florida residents are certainly no strangers to severe weather. Tropical storms, hurricanes, and other harsh weather events can have a devastating effect on any type of property. Storm damage takes a lot of time and money to repair. Fortunately, there is an option for more durable windows and doors that are both visually appealing and high-quality. Hurricane impact windows in Florida are a sound investment to stay ready for any weather event while minimizing the risk of sustaining damage.

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SGI Windows in Florida offer reliable and high quality Hurricane Impact Products and Services manufactured and installed according to Florida Building Codes. We know your home and your valuables are important to you. Which is why our carefully selected, highly trained team of professionals, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, is at your service to help you choose the best impact windows for your home or commercial storefront.

Casement S 500 Bronze Frame Clear Glass 500 x 500


Are you interested in impact windows that improve the airflow in your home, then impact casement windows might be right for you! They are some of the most popular windows on the market. Casement windows are perfect to install in hard-to-reach places like sinks and high up in bathrooms. They are hinged on one side and swing either inward or outward, so you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

S 250 HORIZ.SLDR Bronze Frame Clear Glass 500 x 500


If you are searching for impact windows that don’t take up space and are easy to use, then horizontal sliding windows might be perfect for your window replacement project! They don’t open outwards, so they don’t take up much room and are not inconvenient. Horizontal sliding windows can be installed in rooms that face walkways, patios, and porches. Typically, they have a sash that slides left or right. However, you don’t have to feel limited with horizontal windows; we offer two options for sliding windows either single or double. With the single, only one sash opens; while with the double, both sashes open.

Impact Window Single hung 100 S.H Equal Lites Bronze Frame Clear Glass 500 x 500


If you’re looking for impact windows that give your home a nice clean and simple look, then check out single-hung windows! This window system is easy to open and has one operating sash that allows you and your family to enjoy the fresh air. Single-hung windows can be installed anywhere; whether it’s hallways, entryways, or smaller rooms. Since single-hung windows come with one single lock, it makes it easier and more convenient for you to secure your home. This will prevent intruders from breaking into your home.

Awning S 560 Bronze Frame Clear Glass 500 x 500


Do you want impact windows that protect your home from strong hurricane winds, but also allow you to enjoy fresh air during a storm? Then you should check out the awning windows. They are hinged and open outward. Unlike casement windows that are hinged on either the left or the right, awning windows are hinged at the top. They can also be placed in the basement, over the kitchen sink, and in bathrooms.

Fixed AR S 300 Bronze Frame Clear Glass 500 x 500


What better way to maximize your views than updating your impact windows with custom-made picture windows. Since they don’t open and are fixed to the wall, you can count on added protection against intruders and harsh weather. They also require little to no maintenance since they don’t have tracks or screens. With picture windows, you won’t ever feel limited. They offer a variety of sleek modern designs available for you to choose from. If you’re wondering what impact window system will work best for windows that are non-standard shapes and sizes, then picture windows will fit your needs.

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